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What the hell is wrong with me.
I have everything going for me, I am the speech captain, I have a decent paying job, I am the student voice at school board and technology meetings, I have a loving family, I may be interning at the Law Firm in town soon, I have the respect of my classmates, teachers, friends, and the higher ups in the school. The superintendent of our school asks for me by name to give them advice over what would be best for the students in terms of buying new technology that will impact the school for the next ten years. And I already got accepted into the colleges that I want to attend.
So why can't I sleep at night?
Why do I feel like my world is made up of the space between my bed and the light-switch.
Like I need to be doing something more. Like something is missing. 
Late some nights when I have terrible frights I let out a horrible scream
Hoping just once a young founded dunce will wonder into the moons pale beam
I then whisper him near saying there's nothing to fear as his eyes widen with gaze
More I pursue with his head near my shoe and his brow sweating and raised

As I let out a cackle shaking my shackles staring at the boy
His mind now intrigued with the man in the tree is making him all but coy
come here young man and cut these here rope bands as I sing you a soothing song!
The devil of hell can surly tell that you are not one to do wrong
But if you leave me here in this midnight clear you will have truly done a great sin
All can be made right with that dull bladed knife, that is, if you'll be a friend

These tight ropes are hurting my throat so please do be sure to hurry
Once this deed is done if you be the one I'll let you run off and scurry
If you decline my anger inclines and just hope that I never get free
Because if I do I can certainly promise you your death will be all but care free
My thumbs in your eyes and your blood choking cries will be lost in the cold dark night
Hope that I am done when I am having fun making a suit of your skin white
For if I remember be it May or September or whenever I get free
I will do what I said for I am already dead
Look out for the man tied to the tree.


United States

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